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Kristin Aleklett

My primary research interest is to find out how different events throughout a plant’s life affect the composition of its microbial community.







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Brian Oshowski                     

Grassland revegetation and soil reconstruction in post-mine sandpits using arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum and carbon amendments






Hongguang Liu

Hongguang Liu

My researches focus on the bacteria community of arbuscular mycorrhizal hyphosphere and the track of commercial isolate of Rhizophagus irregularis.








Taylor Holland

I am interested in how native strains of AM fungi may improve grapevine establishment.  In particular, how they may increase growth and nutrients of the vines, and protection from pathogens, drought and salt stress. When not in the greenhouse or vineyard you can find me skiing either on the mountain or lake.




IMG_0750Mieke van der Heyde

My research is focussed on understanding arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal succession in cedar forests. As part of this project, I will also be looking at the vertical distribution of these fungi to get a complete picture of their communities.




Nishat Tasnim

I am an undergraduate student currently studying the impact of environmental microbes on the colonization of the infant gut. This project is a collaboration with Dr. Deanna Gibson. The preliminary summer research is funded by the Undergraduate Research Award and I am looking to explore the project further in the coming years as an honors and graduate student. Although my research interests are very diverse, I am particularly interested in how the environment shapes our physiology from infancy to adulthood.






Alicia Tymstra

I’m a research technician, helping with various projects in the lab and field. I am also studing the spread of microbial inoculants in the environment.





Xing Xiaoke, Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Peking Union Medical College, Beijing 

Jan Jansa, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Praha

Toby Kiers, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam 

Heike Bucking, South Dakota State University

Pedro Antunes, Algoma University

Matthias Rillig, Freie Universitat Berlin

Costas Ehaliotis, University of Athens

Pat Bowen and Carl Bogdanoff, Pacific Agri Food Research Centre, Summerland BC

Chantal Hamel, Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, Swift Current SK 

Andrew Reynolds, Cool Climate Viticultural Institute, Brock University

Philipp Franken, Leibniz Institut fur Gemuse und Zierpflanzenbau, Grossbeeren

Susan Murch, University of British Columbia Okanagan

Diane Ragone, National Tropical Botanical Garden, Breadfruit Institute

Ashley Shade, Michigan State University


Dylan Zaitsoff
Tara Evans Parkinson
Monika Gorzelak
Connie Leung
Kaida Penny
Candace Klassen
Kersti Ojaama
Jennifer Forsythe
Jessica DeMarinis
Sherri Maxwell